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Kemenperin ‘Sentil’ Industri Pembuang Karbon Terbesar – Pemerintah melalui Kementerian Perindustrian mendorong pelaku industri untuk menurunkan emisi gas rumah kaca pada tahun 2020 sebesar 26 persen.

“Dari 700 perusahaan penyumbang CO2 mencapai 114,41 mega ton. Dan terdapat 8 sub bidang industri yang lahap energi, yaitu industri semen, pupuk, petrokimia, besi dan baja, pulp dan kertas, tekstil, keramik,minyak goreng dan gula,” kata Kepala Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Industri Haris Munandar, di Kemenperin, Senin (15/2/2016)

Lanjutnya, Pemerintah mendorong pelaku industri untuk pelaksanaan alih teknologi untuk teknologi efesien. Salah satu teknologi yang digunakan adalah teknologi regenerative burner combustion system (RBCS)


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We Seek all those who are at ease with our ethos and would appreciate the value of perseverance, inclusiveness and the individual's responsibility of doing the right thing at all times. If you have the zeal to strive for global standards and excellence without losing sight of the means being employed, Gunung Steel Group is the right place for you. Respecting the spirit of the teams, genuine involvement in the progress of the next generation of employees and the development of society at large are qualities greatly valued by the Company. Someone with the ability to make the best out of the most sophisticated and the most rustic of environments is what Gunung Steel Group is looking for.

So, if you are keen to enhance your knowledge, skills and capabilities through a continuous process of learning and enrichment, you fulfill the basic criterion for getting selected into the Gunung Steel Group workforce.


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